1. Face caked in salt

    Can’t trust you or trust myself,
    so whatever can I do?
    As I can’t believe in anything,
    except I can’t believe in you.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  2. But of course

    Wish I could look back on you and dismiss,
    say you were empty or broken, or sometimes a bitch.
    But in fact you weren’t empty,
    you were full like the heavens.
    Filled to the brim with mysterious essence.

    And you weren’t broken either, just looking elsewhere;
    knowing more things more quickly than I ever did.
    You were not really nasty,
    at least not to my face.
    And you were saddled with wantings,
    with the necessary grace.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  3. "No, I just wanna go to Tescos"

    Let me wear my hood
    and hide myself from them;
    they always wind me up
    you know,
    by being as they are.

    Let me understand myself
    through other people’s eyes;
    those mirrors crack me up
    you know,
    as true as rulers are.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  4. Promisemeyou’llnevergiveupandIswearwe’llgetthereoneday

    You don’t need to win always to win over me.
    You only need to do your best,
    to try so all can see.
    All the things you wanted
    for yourself and your friends,
    can’t always be achieved but you will get there in the end.

    Have a little faith sometimes in us and in you.
    You know we’re all here for you,
    so what else can you do?
    All the thoughts you’ve spoken
    and all of those fears,
    really come to nothing when we go through this for years.

    The challenges you face may seem like mountains to you.
    You’ll climb them at your own pace,
    so you’ll reach the summit soon.
    All the time that’s ticking
    may go by only too fast,
    but there’s only one way out of this, to last and to last.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  5. The Knowing Gall

    Oh typewriter faker.
    Do you know
    what you are doing?
    Farting daily,
    all your guff into the Cloud.
    Are you the Wordsworth
    of a new love revolution?
    Or is it hard to find the words each day,
    to say the same thing yet again?
    I guess that you might say,
    there is a kind of work in that.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  6. Purple eyelids

    Sucked and drowned by the waves
    of the future;
    while you call to me in code.
    We can’t anticipate each other’s needs in games
    but still, you drool and you crave.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  7. Doraemon notepaper

    So in future you can burn through
    everything she ever touched,
    and by groping in the dark
    maybe you’ll find you’re one of us.

    To be certain that the end comes near
    will chill you to your bone,
    and you’ll never find an answer
    if you stay locked in your home.

    So sweet, so strangely folded
    over in despair;
    so beat, so broken,
    so never nearly there.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  8. Prices

    These are all the letters
    that would have you change your minds.
    When you think to stop
    and just relax, to idle and unwind.

    When you pass up on your vision,
    as you stand aside and sigh;
    when you hurt friends with tired words,
    you might as well be lost to time.

    You can still win all you want to win,
    still make the good times come.
    You can live a life that makes you glad,
    but first you have to hurt.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  9. Morphing

    Heavy heart,
    I know it, I feel sick;
    recognise what it is
    and understand what it ain’t.

    We are living under pressure,
    we’re like flat plasticine.
    All squashed and squeezed out,
    but at least you weren’t dried up.

    In which case you would have
    cracked by now.
    But you keep going,
    expecting something else to happen.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  10. Lost flipside

    There’s no story you have never loved,
    and there’s no party you never crashed.
    You’re nodding like a blank machine
    whose features never crack.

    There’s no place that you’ve never been to,
    and there’s no dirty thing you’ve never seen.
    You’re reading like a newspaper
    whose stories seem unreal.

    And you follow me part of the way,
    well you follow but you lead me astray.

    Addiction never seemed so appropriate
    but I might be hooked on you.
    I’m too clever to be caught in a net, you know
    but I might be hooked on you.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014