1. Long soak

    Why am I hurt
    so badly
    by this fight?

    am I hurt so badly by
    this fight?

    Why am I
    hurt so badly by this


    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  2. Where art thou?

    Chased by my shadow,
    forced to retreat.

    Though you’ll come knocking,
    I’ll not be here.

    To run from my home!
    Due to your scariness.

    Nobody will know
    what I’m doing.

    Nobody will know
    how I feel.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  3. Don’t look

    Sometimes, when I look into your eyes, I can see what the problem is.

    There is something more in there, than just a pair of eyes.

    And there is something more in the way my eyes see yours.

    Something shines out bright, more than mere reflected light.

    And I know what it is. Can you see?

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  4. Let’s put it behind us

    Reach out


    Laugh loud

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  5. Least expected

    Grey wisps of tiredness grow out of his face like heavy weeds, dragging his skin down into jowls that mask none of the years of hurt. He puckers those pallid cheeks into hollowness and pops the cigarette out with a timid flourish, holding blankly for a moment then unleashing the cloud as a deadened sigh.

    Rain patters and pops its dampness across Manchester’s paving stones once more as the louche figure leans out into the damp from under the bus stop’s sturdy, plastic protection. The sound of cars moving by, they come and go, come and go. A beeping here, a shout here, the rain, rain, rain.

    "Excuse me."

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  6. Separation

    What poisoned us?
    Was it too much,
    for me?
    Or was it too hard,
    for you?
    Was it ambition?
    Was it competition?
    Or did Ian Curtis get it right again?
    And how,
    how was he so wise so young?

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  7. Slide the door shut

    Most of us are
    poor substitutes
    for the real deal.
    Normal life,
    while the brain’s
    doing cartwheels.
    of the one true love.
    Who has never come along
    but who it did know once.

    We get so stressed
    about things with no
    heart, but the strings
    play on until they break;
    until they SNAP.
    And when the dam breaks,
    the truth comes rushing,
    But truth hurts you
    and you hurt the one
    you’ve been adoring.

    So stay true,
    just without being honest.
    At least not in the open
    where the whispers
    grow to forests.
    Let your mind breathe,
    but don’t let a gasp out;
    lest it tumbles like a wave
    from the spout of your mouth.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  8. Canine

    We don’t meet anymore.

    Years ago we used to sit in and watch Frasier.
    I’d put my feet on the coffee table,
    and she’d put her feet on my lap.

    She liked Eddie, the dog. He was her whole reason for watching the show and she didn’t understand any of the jokes. She just used to get excited when the dog came on. Then she would say his name over and over. “Eddie, Eddie.”

    I used to like the show but I can’t watch it now because I became cynical. I like Curb. I tried to get her to watch it once but there’s no dog in it so she wasn’t interested.

    She used to pick her ears every day with a specially crafted stick.

    Come to think of it, she was kind of strange.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  9. Raging

    We won’t drown,
    though up feels down.
    We’re out of control again
    which makes us angry
    and confused.
    You said he said this,
    she said he made her lose.
    But nothing was lost but love
    and there was no love lost at all.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014

  10. Intruded and deluded

    Can’t understand your words
    and I,
    I’m just turning myself loose.

    From that roundabout near the rock bar,
    to the concrete steps on up.

    Was trapped in here forever,
    no way to cut me loose.

    Can’t understand your ways
    and you,
    you’re just in scorn of this.

    The view from my door of the mountain,
    and the smell of sulphur large.

    Oh I will go back to the islands,
    still lost back there at heart.

    Can’t understand myself
    and I,
    I don’t keep your best interests.

    From MacDonalds at three in the morning,
    to Shibuya station at six.

    Sitting on the stairs of the rock bar,
    watching how the other half lived.

    Copyright Mark Manchester 2014